Tournament Results

1st Place みかん 10,169,210
1st Place もちづき 10,169,210
2nd Place とまと 10,168,610
3rd Place ありす 10,168,310
4th Place ぴろざわ 10,167,110
5th Place ばろぶし 10,165,710
6th Place りょうや! 10,165,410
7th Place れいんぼー 10,165,310
8th Place ゆきむ 10,165,110
9th Place ぶんちゃん 10,164,110
9th Place 10,164,110
10th Place なつかぜ 10,163,810
11th Place ひびの 10,161,560
12th Place あやあかね 10,161,510
13th Place もーす 10,161,450
14th Place わたしが 10,161,010
15th Place た~やん 10,160,610
16th Place じぶらる 10,160,310

Caution Regarding Award Certificate Distribution

Warnings About Distribution of Award Certificates
  • ・Award Certificates will be sent individually to players ranked 1st through 16th (hereafter, winners).
    • *In the event of tied Rankings (equal scores), all those ranked within the above range will be sent Award Certificates.
  • ・In order to receive Award Certificates, winners must add an accurate name, address, and email address to their registered Bandai Namco ID before March 5, 2023 (Sun) 23:59 JST.
  • ・If certificates cannot be delivered due to errors in registered address, unknown forwarding addresses, extended absences, or other such issues, mailing will be canceled.
  • ・Neither the certificate itself, nor the right to receive the certificate, may be transferred, exchanged, or resold to a third party. The certificate is intended for the winner only; do not offer it for auction, etc.
  • ・Notification will be sent to the email address registered to each winner's Bandai Namco ID when their certificate is sent. Circumstances may result in some discrepancy in notification timing; we thank you in advance for your understanding.
    The certificate mailing notification will be sent from Taiko no Tatsujin (Arcade ver.) Tournament Office (email: Other communications, such as confirmation requests, will also be sent from this email address, so please check your email settings and ensure you will receive any emails from this domain.
  • ・If you cannot receive our emails, or if you fail to register an accurate delivery address for your certificate before the specified deadline, you will forfeit your right to receive a certificate.
  • ・It may not be possible to send certificates to all regions.
  • ・Tournament participants' Donder Names may not be used in our official announcements if they include inappropriate language, proper nouns relating to existing companies, businesses, people, religions, organizations, etc., or if they infringe upon other companies' copyrights. In the event that a winner's Donder Name falls under the categories listed above, their certificate will be printed with "Player" in place of their individual Donder Name. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Changes to Warnings About Distribution of Award Certificates
  • ・Please be aware that contents of Award Certificates and warnings surrounding their distribution may be changed, canceled, or removed without prior notice. Our company accepts no responsibility for any such occurrence.
  • ・Cancellation of, removals from, or changes to Award Certificate content or warnings surrounding their distribution will take effect for all participants upon the announcement of such alterations on the special tournament website, or when the updated information regarding Award Certificates and their distribution is posted.

Please read on for other warnings.