Customize DON-chan
with different outfits!

When you play Taiko no Tatsujin with a Bandai Namco Passport,
you can dress up your own My DON!
Get outfits by meeting certain conditions!

Let's take a look at some outfit items!

A full, coordinated outfit!

Play "Kirby Medley" to get it!

©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Splatoon Inkling

Play "Spicy Calamari Inkantation" from Splatoon to get it!

©2015 Nintendo

Play Yo-kai Watch songs to get it!

©LEVEL-5 Inc.

Clear HATSUNE MIKU songs to get it!

©Crypton Future Media, INC.www.piapro.net
There are 4 types of partial outfit items:
Head, Body, Face, and Mini Character!
Mix and match the items you have to create your own style!

More outfit items to come!
There might even be super rare Kigurumi and Mini Characters!

When you get outfit items, you can change into them right away from the results screen!

Change outfits whenever you want
on the Donder Hiroba website!

At the Donder Hiroba, you can swap out any of the outfit items you've collected at any time!

*Japanese language only.

  • *Outfit item availability may differ between regions.
  • *Some restrictions apply to certain costume and title combinations.