Dan-i Dojo

What Is the Dan-i Dojo?

A mode where you can test your
Taiko no Tatsujin skills.
Select a set course of 3 songs
at your chosen level,
like Third Kyu or First Dan,
and try to meet special challenge conditions
as you play them all in a row.
When you clear a challenge,
you'll earn the corresponding Dan-i rank.
You can display the highest Dan-i
you've earned
on your nameplate, which will
show up throughout the game.
When you clear a more advanced challenge, you'll be promoted to that Dan-i,
which will be reflected on your nameplate!
You can access this mode by using a
Bandai Namco Passport
(or other Amusement IC Card).

How to Play


Touch your Bandai Namco Passport
(or Amusement IC Card)
to the reader before or after
inserting your coins.


Choose Dan-i Dojo from
the mode selection screen.
*Dan-i Dojo is only available in 1-player mode.


Choose a challenge at the right level for you
and try to rank up!